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What Is Bale Sehat ?

At Bale Sehat, we make a natural and healthy food beverage that is easy to prepare. Our products are produced of selected natural ingredients to ensure the food we brought to society. We want people to be happy and treasuring their good life through a simple eating of natural goodness.

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Together, Be Healthy

We usually see and hear about “better health, getting into shape, focusing on good body” and many other common phrases. But why does it matter? Good health does not only benefit yourself, but it matters to somebody who treasures you. Vice versa, the good health of somebody who matters to you is important to you. We believe treasuring good health through eating well could lead to a meaningful life.

How Bale Sehat Started ?

Bale Sehat was inspired due to the founder’s experience. Encountering illness and seeing somebody that matters to her suffer due to diseases has changed the lifestyle of the founder of Bale Sehat. Starting that point, she decided to have a healthy life so that she and her family can enjoy their meaningful life.