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It means Bale Sehat must benefitting all stakeholders, including consumers, employees, farmers and suppliers, and the environment. Every decision and action is taken must resolve the problem within society.

Impactful also means all actions taken must deliver tangible value and create meaningful relationships with every stakeholder.


It means Bale Sehat must cultivate new ideas in handling problems. At Bale Sehat, we encourage new ways of thinking from all stakeholders on contributing people’s lives and improving the entire supply chain.

Innovation also means all actions taken must be done through in-depth research and prudent risk-taking approach with every stakeholder.


It means Bale Sehat must be trustable. Developing trust must include the principles of fairness, responsibility, and transparency. The principles ensure the accountability of every action that we take throughout the entire supply chain.

Integrity also means all actions taken must put up honesty and competence as a priority on relationships with every stakeholder.

History of Bale Sehat

Bale Sehat began in 2008, starting from providing simple healthy food and beverages. It started with natural honey as the first product of Bale Sehat.

Then, Bale Sehat released rice bran products as the instant powdered beverages that contain fibers, vitamin B complexes, and other nutrients.

For more than ten years, Bale Sehat has released several healthy food and beverages such as coconut sugar, rosella tea, vegetable noodles, and cocoa processed products.

Along the way, Bale Sehat is still going to develop healthy food and beverages that are inspired by problems that evolve within society.