FAQ | Bale Sehat


What does “Natural Goodness” mean?

For us, natural goodness means the raw materials or ingredients that we use are not significantly processed. It also means we do not use any artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, and other food additives.

How do I buy Bale Sehat products offline?

If you want to buy products of Bale Sehat offline, you can see our list of offline retailers in the “Where to Buy” page and visit the nearest store to your place. Also, you can visit our office in Pamulang. You can find out our office address at the bottom of our website or on our contact page.

What does “Spices” mean in the ingredients list?

Spices mean the ingredients that are used are a combination of several spices to create a beneficial impact and intense flavors to the product. Most of the spices that are used are ginger, turmeric, white turmeric, java turmeric, and other spices that are listed under “spices” ingredient.

Are all products of Bale Sehat organic?

The products of Bale Sehat are produced with no chemical fertilizer or pesticides. However, products of Bale Sehat have not been certified organic. Therefore, we would not proclaim products of Bale Sehat as organic products.

Are all products of Bale Sehat natural?

All products of Bale Sehat made of selected natural resources. We choose to use natural goodness because we want to make sure the products delivered to our consumers have tangible impacts to your body that help in maintaining your health condition.

How do I buy Bale Sehat products online?

If you want to buy products of Bale Sehat online, you can visit our Tokopedia store named “Bale Sehat”. Also, you can click the “trolley” button at the right top of our website that is linked to our Tokopedia store. Furthermore, try to chat us through Whatsapp by clicking the “Chat Us” button at the right bottom of our website.